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Marc and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Fantasy Sports Weekend

Dear ardent admirers and derelict devotees,

Tonight’s show is not for the faint of heart or the happy-go-lucky. If this show was the Chinese calendar, it would be the year of the Rat rather than Pig.

You know who tonight’s show IS for? It’s for any devoted fan or skilled fantasy sports GM who has ever been wronged by a player, coach, or team. It’s for anyone who has ever lost by one fantasy point. It’s for anyone who has suffered through freak injuries to players and freak moonings by coaches. It’s for any fan whose team fumbles the snap on the first play of the game and sees it returned for a touchdown. It’s for anyone who DOESN’T own Lance Moore and DOES own Marques Colston. It’s for anyone who is sick of hearing from whiny & spoiled Boston sports fans who cry because they have it TOO good. And above all, it’s for anyone that agrees completely with Bill O’Reilly that Matt Cassell would be crazy to go anywhere near San Francisco when he becomes a free agent next year.

It’s also kinda for people who love Mighty Ducks 3.

Without further ado, we give you:

Desperate Househusbands: the Tom Brady-Emil Kabawat-Matt Cassell edition


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And on the 5th day, God edited the world and converted it to MP3 format

Dear Faithful non-existent listeners,

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! We have edited a podcast and introduced production techniques! Brilliant! Now we’re going to make a beer ad that’s as insultingly moronic as the Bud Light “Drinkability” adds! Brilliant! Anyway . . . .

We’ve moved from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, and straight on to your computer:

The Stache Strikes Back

This week Marc discusses the themes and motifs within Michael Jordan-Charlie Sheen Hanes’ commercials while Emil passionately advocates a “no tackling my man-crush” rule for football.

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Yosemite Sam runs over kids playing flag football at a park

Beloved non-existent fans,

We beseech you, please go to the post below this one and check out our inaugural podcast. Once you’ve basked in the glow of the radiant wisdom sprinkled intermittently throughout our bush-league show, check out these links:

To check up on Worst Week Ever’s hero, Lawrence Phillips,  give this news bit a try: It Takes a Village

To show your support for the best mascot in sports (cough, cough, I cannot get over this cold. Or the emphysema), buy at least 2,613 of these AWESOME card holders: Yosemite Sam meets the Hamburgler

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Ladies and Gentlemen . . .

Without further ado, the moment at least one or two of us have been waiting for, a link to Sleeper Pick’s first pubished podcast:

Sleeper Pick–Inaugural Podcast

We’ll have more podcasts, articles, and assorted video & article links. Check back for updates!

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