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ESPN is copying us

Just when we do a podcast discussing what the next schematic revolution in the NFL might be, ESPN the magazine does a cover piece on the A-11. I guess that’s what happens when you post a podcast a week after you actually record it. Now it looks like we’re copying ESPN! But loyal listeners, know that I would never copy any organization that would hire Matthew Berry as a fantasy sports writer ahead of you or me.

We also briefly mention Sammy Bough two days before his unfortunate passing, but I swear we didn’t jinx the poor guy.

(This is a complete side note, but everyone knows that Sammy Baugh was a fantastic three-way player: QB, S, and P. He still has the single season record for yards per punt. That punting record, however, is not exactly what it appears to be. In the olden days of football, teams would “short-kick”, i.e. punt on 2nd or 3rd down if they wanted to gain field position or avoid playing in bad field position by making a surprise kick. Only the rare teams with QB who doubled as talented P like Baugh could use this maneuver. When Baugh punted the ball on short kicks, they mostly bounced down the field an extra 10-20 yards since the opposing team did not have any return man set up to receive the kick. So while Sammy Baugh was a great punter, treat his record with that in mind. Also, why don’t teams ever try to coach up their QB if he has a leg? This maneuver could still be very effective.)

This edition of YOOOOO . . . Sports!! has an “intelligent” (that may be an insult to quotation marks) discussion of whether being a great strategist or intense motivator is the more essential quality in a great NFL coach, a reader’s brilliant attempt to create a Pavlovian response for whenever we say “ummmm”, and some strong opinions about how fantastic the Browns-Eagles MNF game was. Let’s just say it doesn’t get any better than a Kevin Kolb vs. Ken Dorsey matchup.

A week late and a bailout short:

To drop an extra DB in coverage or to drop trou, that is the question


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If I had a penny for every . . .

“ummmm” that I edited out of our most recent podcast I’d be rich enough to buy ESPN, fire Matthew Berry, bail out the auto industry, and place Yo-Sports! on the front page of

Since that’s not the going rate for deleting an “ummmm”, you can only find us here and on iTunes (search sleeperpick). We like it better that way. Honestly. Who wants to move to Bristol, Connecticut?

In this edition of the starting five we discuss:

Rodney Stuckey, PG, Pistons

Mike Conley, PG, Grizzlies

Matt Barnes, SF, Suns

Steve Blake, PG, Blazers

Anthony Randolph, SF/PF, Warriors

Also on the show is a discussion of elite PG (Jose Calderon, Jason Kidd, & Chauncey Billups), E’s tendency to get excited about small white men and his new hero, Al Harrington.

And what would an episode of Yo-Sports! be without “Best Week-Worst Week Ever”, complete with an unintelligible, high-pitched rant from Marc about the plight of his fantasy football team?

Without further adieu:

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, uhhhhhh, yeahhhh, it’s another YOOOOOOOO-Sports!!! podcast

P.S. We are hoping for rants and raves (about anything) from our loquacious listeners!!! We are hoping to get our enormous fan base more actively involved in the blog/podcast.  So post comments on our site to have your voice heard, no matter how bizarre your sentiments are or how likely a warrant will be issued subsequently.

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All I want for Christmas

Is an extra 24 hours every day. Then I could sleep an additional 18 hours a day and use the other 6 hours to get podcasts out more regularly. Sadly, confined to the temporal world, I don’t get podcasts out as often as I would like. The same goes for Emil.

Despite a long day managing the warehouse of a major distribution operation (and doing his best Darryl Philbin impersonation), E spent the time to edit this podcast and do some apparently serious ragging on me in the blog post he wrote last night. After E wrote what was likely the biggest smackdown I’ve suffered since I told The Rock that I could smell he was cooking a poached pear souffle, his computer from 1978 crashed. The internet also collapsed across the world. Needless to say, E was pretty annoyed.

But he can’t be nearly as annoyed as I am. Thanks to the game from hell from Antonio Bryant, I’ll be spending the fantasy football playoffs at home. I’d be spending the fantasy playoffs at home if I had made them, but that’s besides the point.

What’s on point is our fantasy football playoff schedule special: we analyze the strength of schedule for every NFL team for weeks 15 & 16 and let you know what players you should look to temper or fire up expectations for.

Sleeper Picks’ first annual fantasy football playoff preview show!

Lastly, please watch this clip before you listen to our podcast: I once benefited from some wise advice–to really appreciate decent or good art/food/music/football podcasts you need to witness really bad art/food/music/football podcasts. So please check out that last link because I need the help.

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Old podcasts never die, they just take a Thanksgiving break

Fear not faithful listeners,

All we have to fear is fear itself. And going turkey hunting with Plaxico Burress over Thanksgiving. Thankfully, despite E and my poor judgement, the DA isn’t going to press charges. With that business taken care of, we are back with the podcast E posted below. E is now posting on the blog and I think you readers are going to enjoy the change of pace. I know I’m excited. As soon as I saw the new post I went right to the first link and CRACKED UP

Know what else cracks me up? Jury Duty. Hahahaha . . . $(%&*$$@*$&%^!!!!!!!!!! An entire blog post may be dedicated to this subject after my jury finishes the world’s most unnecessarily long deliberation.

Why does this guy never serve on a jury?: Rudy Fernandez. Oh, right, people who claim to be racists always get excused from being on a jury. Moving along . . .

In case any of you have a wife going into labor or you are about to have a moving day at your office and can’t spare 40 minutes to listen to E’s melodious voice, here’s a quick rundown of this show’s “Starting Five”:

Paul Millsap

Mario Chalmers

Russell Westbrook

Trevor Ariza

Eric Gordon

Brandon Wright

Anybody going against the Warriors (who are “coached” by this goof)

An important disclaimer about the podcast below: if you are a good friend or familial relation to Don Nelson, please follow this link or that link and do not listen to the show. Ignorance is bliss.

Send us any questions/requests/hate mail you have! We respond to anything that comes our way. Even those facebook posts with excited messages about getting an awesome free $100 Macy’s gift card if we follow some link.

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marc aint the only one who can do this fancy dag nang blog posting thing

what an ego that marc guy has. look at me, i can make all these blog posts and they so dang witty and such. well guess what america, ya boy mr e kabawat knows how to do this stuff too. all i gotta do is write something funny and put a link under it so here

and for de funny?

an old married couple is going through some ruff patches – tired of her deadbeat husband: she tells the dude “ay guy – for our 30th anniversary, if you dont give me something that can go 0 to 200 in under 6 seconds your gonna be in some serious trouble buster brown. dude says “scuse me?” an she said “if you dont get me something that can go 0 to 200 in under six seconds for our anny your gonn be in a serious mess. anniversary comes 2 weeks later. honey asks “ay, so wheres that gift i asked for budd?” dude says your looking at it. she goes “what? i thought i done told you i wanted something that would go 0 to 200 in under six seconds.”

homeboy says ” i know – thats why i gotcha dis scale!”

buh dum ching!

enjoy the podcast

The five people you meet on most fantasy basketball waiver wires.

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