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All I want for Christmas

Is an extra 24 hours every day. Then I could sleep an additional 18 hours a day and use the other 6 hours to get podcasts out more regularly. Sadly, confined to the temporal world, I don’t get podcasts out as often as I would like. The same goes for Emil.

Despite a long day managing the warehouse of a major distribution operation (and doing his best Darryl Philbin impersonation), E spent the time to edit this podcast and do some apparently serious ragging on me in the blog post he wrote last night. After E wrote what was likely the biggest smackdown I’ve suffered since I told The Rock that I could smell he was cooking a poached pear souffle, his computer from 1978 crashed. The internet also collapsed across the world. Needless to say, E was pretty annoyed.

But he can’t be nearly as annoyed as I am. Thanks to the game from hell from Antonio Bryant, I’ll be spending the fantasy football playoffs at home. I’d be spending the fantasy playoffs at home if I had made them, but that’s besides the point.

What’s on point is our fantasy football playoff schedule special: we analyze the strength of schedule for every NFL team for weeks 15 & 16 and let you know what players you should look to temper or fire up expectations for.

Sleeper Picks’ first annual fantasy football playoff preview show!

Lastly, please watch this clip before you listen to our podcast: I once benefited from some wise advice–to really appreciate decent or good art/food/music/football podcasts you need to witness really bad art/food/music/football podcasts. So please check out that last link because I need the help.

December 11, 2008 - Posted by | Podcasts

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