Sleeper Pick

YOOOOOOO Sports!!!!!!!

This week on the Sacramento Kings/Don Nelson show…

I’m beginning to think Marc and I are starving for NBA material.

Sure, we could talk about the 4 powerhouses in the NBA thus far (Orlando, Cleveland, LA and your world champion Boston Celtics). Why not talk about the team everyone seems to forget despite 4 titles in the last decade (San Antonio)? We could mention an epic season from LeBron, a hilariously overpaid season from Elton Brand or an underrated monster year from Kevin Durant. We could do these things, but that ain’t Yo! Sports.

Instead, a very special episode of Yo! Sports! spends 20 minutes talking about a triple overtime game between the Sacramento Kings (my favorite crappy team) and the Golden St. Warriors (Marc’s favorite team, which happens to be crappy).

Who says we’re not self serving here at Sleeper Pick?


P.S. You can download every podcast on iTunes for free (who would pay for this shit? Maybe Don Nelson, but we all know he’s one Australian short of a penal colony). Just search “sleeperpick”.

January 23, 2009 - Posted by | Podcasts


  1. Ay yo mang, gotta get off that hatttteerrrrade and check out that interview where I give shout outs to my favorite ball club. Get Money!

    Comment by Weezy F. Baby | January 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. Super stoked on the stereotype league. I suggest that we start doing this for the baseball season, so it doesn’t get lost. Here are some ideas I have for teams:

    1. All facial hair team (Can the beard bring you power and glory?)
    2. The Mitchell Report Roster
    3. The all-immigrant team (are they really harder working than US citizens?

    Comment by Ben | January 30, 2009 | Reply

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