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When I Was Your Age

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No way old man, stop blabbering on about the “internet era” and how people had all this time and what a slow pace of life it was and how people posted on blogs at least once a week. If I have to suffer through your reminiscing about how picket fences were white, the women were pure, the leaders were virtuous, and the month of February always had podcasts, I’m going to go shoot my nano-nuke at the neighbors in the Corilian parcept.

Okay, terrible made-up Star Wars reference. Before I lose any more momentum, let’s briefly recap what happened while we were away:

1) The Berlin Wall fell

2) The Peace of Westphalia brought a close to the Thirty Years War

3) Cows were created. Subsequent “Cow Bell Band” craze.

4) Mike Singletary kept his clothes on

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