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When I Was Your Age

Sleeper Pick posted at least once a week.

No way old man, stop blabbering on about the “internet era” and how people had all this time and what a slow pace of life it was and how people posted on blogs at least once a week. If I have to suffer through your reminiscing about how picket fences were white, the women were pure, the leaders were virtuous, and the month of February always had podcasts, I’m going to go shoot my nano-nuke at the neighbors in the Corilian parcept.

Okay, terrible made-up Star Wars reference. Before I lose any more momentum, let’s briefly recap what happened while we were away:

1) The Berlin Wall fell

2) The Peace of Westphalia brought a close to the Thirty Years War

3) Cows were created. Subsequent “Cow Bell Band” craze.

4) Mike Singletary kept his clothes on

5) Al Davis released $230 million dollars worth of wretched free agent signings (all signed last year, no less)

(The scene: Al Davis, 6 games after signing DeAngelo Hall to a $70 million contract, releases him. At the press conference he turns to Hall . . .) Avada Kedavra!!

(The scene: Al Davis, 6 games after signing DeAngelo Hall to a $70 million contract, releases him. At the press conference he turns to Hall . . .) "Avada Kedavra!!"

6) Super Bowl ads disappointed

And that’s about it. So we didn’t miss much. And you, our faithful listeners, didn’t waste any time at work listening to nonsense about hockey or how Marquis Daniels became a must-add in fantasy basketball.

But now we’re baaaaccckkkkk. Cue up my beloved Governor:

And we’re not coming back empty-handed. We’ve brought in the big guns: our new PR guy, Ben Richeda, who has previously rehabilitated the images of Mike Mamula, Pac Man Jones, and Jimmy Carter. He guest stars in our new podcast and does some great damage control.

So when Emil gets served with a restraining order by Tom Brady, we know our man Ben will spin that to make Emil look like the victim. The victim of the passions of a man-crush gone too far. And if I shoot myself again during another illegal turkey hunt with Plaxico Burress & Dick Cheney, Ben will get me out on bail faster than you can say “Marc’s not a danger to the community. As long as he doesn’t wear loose sweat pants he’s a model citizen.”

With the following sterling material Sleeper Pick hopes to bring you back into the fold:

Why such a fuss about steroids in baseball? Isn’t this the same sport that had a World Series fixed and the “Dead Ball” era featuring spitballs, scuffballs, and pitchers averaging 300+ innings pitched at a 1.62 ERA?

Should professional sports players give a “hometown discount” to the team that drafted & groomed them? Should Ravens season ticket holders boycott the team if Ozzie Newsome lets Ray Lewis walk in Free Agency?

What would a baseball team look like if mustaches were a prerequisite? What about only players with certified beer bellies? The “Black Dudes” team?

Enter the ‘All Stereotype’ fantasy baseball league.

It feels good to be back:  Do NOT Let Emil Name Your Child (Parental Advisory: podcast contains obscenities)

P.S. This episode’s edition of Best Week, Worst Week EVER!! will make absolutely no sense unless you take a look at these pictures:


You know why Ben Richeda is always the subject on TMZ with some new drama about the most recent supermodel he dumped? A robust beard and cute animal tattoos on his bicep


No woman can resist a mouse with a block of cheese and a rabbit with big eyes.

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  1. Mad props go out to Scott Garcow and Anita Marks on 105.7 the Fan for hooking it up with the Bmore sports knowledge.

    Comment by Ben | February 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. Edit: Scott Garceau

    Comment by Ben | February 26, 2009 | Reply

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