Sleeper Pick

YOOOOOOO Sports!!!!!!!

Bios–Marc Steiner & Emil Kabawat

While raised by kangaroos in the lush jungles of Cairns, Austrailia, Marc developed an unmitigated love of sports. Not cricket though. Or Quidditch. Or whatever the hell that penal colony likes. Some time after hitch-hiking from Ohio to California on a freight-train and getting locked in an ice-chest car, he came up with one great idea and one terrible one: draft Deron Williams in 2006 and start a fantasy sports podcast with college hedonist Emil Kabawat–Sleeper Pick (Yo-yo-yo Sports!!). Marc was once pulled into Don Nelson’s car, but nobody believes him. To offer support for other victims of Don Nelson’s insanity he has set up a helpline which he mans with Stephen Jackson: 1-800-DON-NUTS.

Exhibiting how a fantasy owner feels after Tim Lincecum has a 8 IP, 0 R, 14 K game

Exhibiting how a fantasy owner feels after Tim Lincecum has an 8 IP, 0 R, 14 K game

While growing up in Cambridge, throwing eggs at Harvard every Tuesday afternoon in eager anticipation of them not accepting him, Emil spent most of his time building shrines to MAN-crush Tom Brady and editing youtube clips of Yi Jianlian laying the low post smackdown on lawn chairs. Somewhere along the line, probably after reading some Jack London, Emil moved to the wilds of Boulder, Colorado where he makes top secret plans to host Darell Scott on our podcast. Armed with awesome production skillz and sweet intro music, Emil has a vision where the career paths of Yo-yo-yo Sports! and Tom Brady meet at Super Bowl XXXXII preparties, where they wingman for each other amongst supermodels and charlatans.

Sad that one half of Sleeper Pick uses photos of some random cute dog on his facebook profile to attract women. Sad.

The heart of Tom Brady, the looks of Jason Varitek and the passion of Kevin Garnett.


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