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With the trade deadline just passing, Marc and Emil do their best to analyze and dissect every trade that went past. We are expecting a record number of Grizzlies fans wondering how Chris Mihm will turn out for them. SPOILER ALERT: We’re both thinking 20/10 and 3 blocks from the great white whale.

Marc also confesses his love for Rafer Alston and his career 35% shooting percentage… and E edits this thing about one week past relevance. Also, thanks to Emil’s 1985 computer, the theme music for this episode is completely lost.

February was a disaster… March is going to be fantastic. I promise.

The Late (as in one week) Show on Yo! Sports!


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This week on the Sacramento Kings/Don Nelson show…

I’m beginning to think Marc and I are starving for NBA material.

Sure, we could talk about the 4 powerhouses in the NBA thus far (Orlando, Cleveland, LA and your world champion Boston Celtics). Why not talk about the team everyone seems to forget despite 4 titles in the last decade (San Antonio)? We could mention an epic season from LeBron, a hilariously overpaid season from Elton Brand or an underrated monster year from Kevin Durant. We could do these things, but that ain’t Yo! Sports.

Instead, a very special episode of Yo! Sports! spends 20 minutes talking about a triple overtime game between the Sacramento Kings (my favorite crappy team) and the Golden St. Warriors (Marc’s favorite team, which happens to be crappy).

Who says we’re not self serving here at Sleeper Pick?


P.S. You can download every podcast on iTunes for free (who would pay for this shit? Maybe Don Nelson, but we all know he’s one Australian short of a penal colony). Just search “sleeperpick”.

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Am I the only Pats fan furious about Matt Cassel getting franchised?

By this guy’s count, there are at least 7 teams that would kill to start Tom Terrific’s back up, who is making 14 million next year ($13,970,000 more then this guy.) “How nice,” you think to yourself, “to know that if number 12 doesn’t start the season at least that guy’s team has a quarterback in the bullpen (take that mixed sports analogies!) who last threw for 3700 yards and 21 TD’s.” Why wouldn’t the lot of you think that this guy is all cheesed that the Patriots have found a potential life after Tom Brady?


(still debating on whether “COMMANDMENT ONE OF TEN: THOU SHALL NOT LIVE A LIFE AFTER TOM BRADY” was funnier)

I’m gonna give it to you raw right now (that’s what she said): The Patriots dropping 14 million on Matt Cassel is the biggest slap to Tom Brady’s face since Bridget Moynahan found out 12 wasn’t going to get back together with her (even though she pulled the goalie on the quarterback (2 for 2 on mixed sports analogies) to try and pry Mr. Cool from the  richest supermodel in the world (but, but I was in IROBOT!)))

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The 10 things I hate about you, Spencer Hawes

1. You look exactly like Michael Phelps. Really the resemblance is uncanny.

You sure you didnt win 8 medals in China?

You sure you didn't win 8 medals in China?

2. Your inability to hit threes anymore. You were at one a game through November, then for whatever reason you decided to stop shooting them all together. I don’t know if this is Coach Natt’s (the worst coaching name in the NBA hands down) dirty work, but seriously Spence start chucking the long ball a la Antoine Walker please.

3. Your political agenda. A look at his Wikipedia Page will find that “Hawes is a conservative Republican and critic of Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth.” Really Spence? I guess the f$%%ing Artic Shelf melting into a giant puddle doesn’t prove crap to this GOP supporter.No seriously he doens’t belive in global warming. Per SI.COM

“In [the class], he said, he denied the entire existence — and human cause — of global warming. When asked for his take on Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Hawes said, “It’s one big lie. I talked about that in my opening speech — it’s the media’s liberal over exaggeration of just about everything.”

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marc aint the only one who can do this fancy dag nang blog posting thing

what an ego that marc guy has. look at me, i can make all these blog posts and they so dang witty and such. well guess what america, ya boy mr e kabawat knows how to do this stuff too. all i gotta do is write something funny and put a link under it so here

and for de funny?

an old married couple is going through some ruff patches – tired of her deadbeat husband: she tells the dude “ay guy – for our 30th anniversary, if you dont give me something that can go 0 to 200 in under 6 seconds your gonna be in some serious trouble buster brown. dude says “scuse me?” an she said “if you dont get me something that can go 0 to 200 in under six seconds for our anny your gonn be in a serious mess. anniversary comes 2 weeks later. honey asks “ay, so wheres that gift i asked for budd?” dude says your looking at it. she goes “what? i thought i done told you i wanted something that would go 0 to 200 in under six seconds.”

homeboy says ” i know – thats why i gotcha dis scale!”

buh dum ching!

enjoy the podcast

The five people you meet on most fantasy basketball waiver wires.

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