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Would Tim Tebow Gator Chomp Jesus?

If Jesus said Tebow was the 8th best QB in the Big 12? That he was a 3rd or 4th round draft pick at best? Or if he then followed up with “If there are things you do not agree with, God [. . . . or Mel Kiper] will make them clear to you” – Philippians 3:15

It’s these deep questions that we delve into in our BCS Championship Game podcast. (Podcast link)

We also discuss the NFL draft prospects for Sam Bradford, Chris Brown, Percy Harvin, Tim Tebow, and Mark Sanchez.

[Aside: When are NFL systems going to adopt some elements of the spread? How do we rank draft-eligible college players who operate out of completely unconventional systems? Because nobody wants to see their team draft the next Alex Smith or Akili Smith or Rashaun Woods (urggghhh, too many Niners draft busts, mind is shattering . . .) . When will teams stop taking chances with top-ten picks (particularly given the obscene amount of money top picks make) who have to completely overhaul their techniques and style of play in order to conform to NFL systems?]

And most importantly:


You wouldn't want this guy as your goal-line QB?

You wouldn't want this guy as your goal-line QB?



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ESPN is copying us

Just when we do a podcast discussing what the next schematic revolution in the NFL might be, ESPN the magazine does a cover piece on the A-11. I guess that’s what happens when you post a podcast a week after you actually record it. Now it looks like we’re copying ESPN! But loyal listeners, know that I would never copy any organization that would hire Matthew Berry as a fantasy sports writer ahead of you or me.

We also briefly mention Sammy Bough two days before his unfortunate passing, but I swear we didn’t jinx the poor guy.

(This is a complete side note, but everyone knows that Sammy Baugh was a fantastic three-way player: QB, S, and P. He still has the single season record for yards per punt. That punting record, however, is not exactly what it appears to be. In the olden days of football, teams would “short-kick”, i.e. punt on 2nd or 3rd down if they wanted to gain field position or avoid playing in bad field position by making a surprise kick. Only the rare teams with QB who doubled as talented P like Baugh could use this maneuver. When Baugh punted the ball on short kicks, they mostly bounced down the field an extra 10-20 yards since the opposing team did not have any return man set up to receive the kick. So while Sammy Baugh was a great punter, treat his record with that in mind. Also, why don’t teams ever try to coach up their QB if he has a leg? This maneuver could still be very effective.)

This edition of YOOOOO . . . Sports!! has an “intelligent” (that may be an insult to quotation marks) discussion of whether being a great strategist or intense motivator is the more essential quality in a great NFL coach, a reader’s brilliant attempt to create a Pavlovian response for whenever we say “ummmm”, and some strong opinions about how fantastic the Browns-Eagles MNF game was. Let’s just say it doesn’t get any better than a Kevin Kolb vs. Ken Dorsey matchup.

A week late and a bailout short:

To drop an extra DB in coverage or to drop trou, that is the question

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